What is a feature snippet? How to get your featured snippet in Google SERPs? 

Have you ever wondered despite of making all your efforts to secure a better rank in Google SERPs, why you always fall short of desired goals? You have explored all avenues in searching a keyword, you have posted a hundred of blogs, also you have posted your new blogs more than once to gain some traffic, but nothing happens. This is because your competitor are smart enough.They have already used the keyword you are planning to use. Apparently, they have their content in the featured snippets for the same query you were working on.

That’s why you first need to know your competitors strategies and gimmick.

Here’s how you can lay the foundation of your work and grab that column of featured snippet.

But, what is a featured snippet?



A featured snippet is a small description of your query laid at the top of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

It usually contains a summary of your searched query.

Google extracts the best information from all the organic listing on the result pages.

It creates a ease for the researcher to get a small hint of the query without even getting on someone’s hair. They just put the right in front of them at the first place.


It gives you maximum visibility because you are literally at point zero.

And you will get the maximum number of clicks not your competitors because you are shown off by Google.

According to Hubspot, featured snippet extracted a bigger no. of click through rate(CTR) compared to the regular results on Google.

It isn’t necessary that if you have earned a featured snippet spot, then your blog must be top ranked. According to Ahrefs, only 30.9% featured snippets were top ranking on result pages.

So, to grab a spot of featured snippet, you must know the tricks to steal your competitors featured snippet.

To enhance your knowledge in types of featured snippet follow my blog link given.


There are several ways to take on your competitors featured snippet. They are:

Use SEMrush to find your competitors featured

SEMrush has the ability to unwrap the information about sites analytics.

But, do you it can also be used to identify the name of your competitor who owns the featured snippet.

It can also reveal how many featured snippet are owned by a single site.

Knowing all the information about your competitors featured snippet, you can start optimising your own blogs for those terms.

Use Ahref to grab the rest of the information.

Ahref helps you to gather information about your competitor featured snippet.

Use Google to identify potential snippets.

Google also provides its assistance in unmasking the snippet that your competitors have earned.

If you want to know about other snippets, you should know how your audience think.

You have to put yourself in their shoes to know what type of questions they have.

Like, If you are working in an IT industry. Try of some similar questions that your audience is going to have, How to install windows drivers?

To earn a spot of featured snippet, customize your content to 40-50 words so that Google has no inconvenience in picking up your blog and publicize your featured snippet.

After that show some interest in the “People Also Ask” section


This shows some more examples regarding what your audience wants to know.

Using this information you can find out some more keywords for your featured snippet.

Analyse the section well, and try to answer all the questions they have asked in your snippet.

Use this sumptuous technique to take on your competitors featured snippets.


To get a spot of feature snippet, first you need to include all the good and effective things that your competitors have done in their snippet.

Steps to learn which content is already on no. 1.

As I have told earlier it is not necessary that you should have top ranking in SERPs to have a featured snippet.

But it is always good to gain a better organic ranking for a better result.


Sometimes you have all the questions answered, all the way your audience may ask.

But, then also your snippet is not featured.

Then you should reconstruct your content and post it again to highlight your content.

Study all the data your competitors have used in their blog and try to make a snippet out of all these.

Try and add some synonyms to your blog from the one you have read of your competitors.


You have learnt much about featured snippet. Try to implement these next time you Start writing something. try to add synonyms, rewrite your content,

Try out the tools as told earlier in the blog to find out about your competitors feature snippet

Followingg these steps you are all set to loot a spot of featured snippet.


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