How does voice search SEO works?

Since Google has started evolving various new features are being added and hence being improvised. One of which is voice search for Google. Those who think that voice search has not evolved much since then, are completely wrong. According to the latest survey by certain voice labs shows that 33 million voice first devices were passed around in recent years. Voice search stood third on the survey of SEO trends for 2017. In hardly a year later we would be able to see tremendous changes in the input habits of humankind. Google CEO Sundar Pichai told that one-fifth of surveys are voice search based.

Voice Search

Voice search makes it super easy for humans to use mobile devices when it is impossible to use them. 

Steps For Developing Voice Search Content Compatible with SEO:

Earlier the inputs we used to use were not Interconnected to each other but voice search gives you an interconnected user search option. This feature was recognized by the audience after Google has launched a new algorithmic update the Hummingbird update. It works on NLP (Natural language processing) to get a hang of its user’s tongue. Thus, making much more user-friendly voice inputs. But to keep your voice search top listed on google SERP you need to mind some steps to maintain a relation between your voice search and SEO. 

Always keep in mind voice search are not restricted to three words likewise to computers in search inputs are mostly restricted to 3-4 words to save physical effort. Secondly, the focus is mainly on the interrogative form of sentences because a recent study found that most people use it, either to know about someone or something or to reach somewhere or locate something.

Moreover, our audience needs immediate results. So voice search is one such platform for them.

To keep your voice search content SEO ready:


Voice Search

There are some steps that you should keep in mind:

1. Prepare a structured intro:


You should have a well-structured introduction set for your page. This will help your audience to extract the piece of information they are looking after. 

Additionally, it will also help you to get a chance to be featured among the top listed pages on Google’s search engine. Try to prepare content very much specific to your to your website. 

(Schema) mark up language or metadata is a great way to stand a notch above from your competitors.

 2. ‘Keywords’ are key:

Web developers should go through some very well research programs while building their web page content. Because people don’t speak the way they write. Focus on the way people talk about your brand. Focus on the streets and landmarks nearby. You need to brainstorm on how people recognize you.

Various tools such as ‘Answer the public’ have built their special place in this market. You just need to put the keyword and it will get back to you with numerous questions related to the keyword.

Focus on all questions you have derived from the keyword and then make a list of questions your audience can look for thus developing a better SEO content.

 3. Is your website even mobile-friendly:

Since our audience is a mobile-friendly audience and doesn’t rely on computers for all the web work. Creating a mobile-friendly website becomes the need of the hour. It is our first duty to check if our webpage is a mobile-friendly website or not.

You can use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool check if your web page is mobile friendly. Go through the test and you will know the results. You can use other tools like WebPageTest.Org, PageSpeedInsight to test your web page speed.


Voice search is seriously not a fad. Present growth in usage of voice search gives us the only conclusion that may be a year or later you all will need to focus on this google update intentionally. Start looking out for steps to make voice search content SEO compatible and reserve your berth in Google SERP. We at Brand Vedas make special efforts that all our content is voice search ready.

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