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SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a very vast topic. SEO is basically a way to improve the visibility of the website in the search results. These days we are all equipped with best SEO tool list. The free SEO tools are very easy to use with the best results.

SEO tools

1. Search out for your best content.

This SEO tool is to search out the best of your contents. There will be definitely some pieces of content which are doing better than others. With a wide SEO tool list, this is one of the best SEO tools. So, by using GA we can instantly find out which one is performing better than others. Now start with capitalizing on them. Then start by looking at your content by converting your best. There can be two ways for this, first, you can see for the attribution path to conversion as Google provides with a lot of attribution models to know where your customers came from. Try to keep in mind that GA’s default is last touch attribution which ultimately tends to lie. Now if you are going to use attribution models then make sure that you are aware of the buyer’s journey. You can interpret your data at your best if you use the attribution model. Now lets come up with the second way to find your best converting content by looking for your reverse goal path. After all the steps you know that this content is helping conversions, you will want to promote it to boost the traffic. You can also see the keywords that are on your website currently rank for on Google. Just remember two things, first to provide a link and a CTA on the high ranking page to get people over to convert and secondly add up your internal links to the high ranking pages to and from the other content to help in raise up your rankings on search engine.

2. Focus on your lower ranking content

This SEO tool is the same as the first one as it helped in searching for the best one, this will help in searching for the second best one as you can improve your old content and update it to raise your rankings. Working with one of the best SEO tools never doubt the results. You can also use Google analytics to search for the content with the best potential, with just a little hard work. Through some statistics, you know that the first five searches get the most links and the second page gets the least clicks, so we have to focus on the stuff that’s nearby page 2 so that you can push it a little for more than average results. Now you have to follow some steps and see if you have high ranking content that naturally complements the content on page 2 then be sure to link both together and target the top ranking factors. One plus point with it is this is a free SEO tool.

3. Improvement in mobile conversions

This free SEO tool is all about mobile conversions. These days mobile is getting the highest priority. As the age of mobile is here and growing rapidly. The tablets and smartphones are dominating over the traditional working ways and responsible for the most website visits4. This is also one of the best SEO tools to expect results. First, select your audience as “overview” to get information about how your website is performing on website devices. Then you can select a goal completion and look for the difference in conversion rate and goal completions within that period. There are chances that it will convert around 2% less excluding tablets or smartphones. There are many ways to improve SEO by improving the mobile experience.

  1. By using AMP

  2. By implementing schema markup

  3. By compressing images

  4. By removing flash

  5. By using a heat map on the smartphone version of your website to check for differences from desktop

  6. By removing pop-ups from your mobile site

  7. By tagging on posts based on mobile searches



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Improving your SEO by best SEO tools will not consume all your day and time. Just optimize your best content and increase the rankings with the free SEO tools.



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