Need for tools

When you work for hours for a blog and post it on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter and even give a boost to it but still don’t get much traffic, then the problem lies in less social traffic. For this, you need right content promotion plan to get it in view of right people, but without the tools, it seems impossible. It’s not easy to get traffic for your content on social media until you have established a fine following. It needs appropriate strategic tools for a flock of blog traffic. There are many content promotional tools for elevating blog traffic and here are some.

 1. Bitly (Link tracking)

This is the best tool for shortening links so that you can include more text in social media post. It’s one of the easiest tools to use which only takes 10 seconds to create a bitlylink. It can track hold of each individual links that will be a great help in intelligence on the audience, site traffic, and campaign performance. Start with copy-pasting the latest blog link and enter it in the URL box. This will capture all the data and will help in giving a title and appropriate tags. In it, you can see much more analytics like referral traffic data or link clicks and likes. Other analytics like Twitter and Facebook aren’t that great but this tool will also help you see about the link clicks and like that where they came from and why. So no doubt its one of the best tools which help in the better organization of performance with amazing analytics and should definitely be a part of your content promotional plan.

 2. Buzzsumo (Idea generation)

For excelling in any field you should always have an idea of the competitor’s power and for it, you always have to keep an eye on their work. For this Buzzsumo is the best way. It helps you to seek for the content that performed best. This will ease your work and you can see which content is earning most traffic and why. It is also very easy to use. You can search by the keywords or with your competitor’s domain. We can even say that it is a tool for new ideas for the content that you get to know which content will attract the readers. You can see trending now articles. Just type a blog post in the URL bar and you we get all the information.

3. Buffer (Content scheduling)

Its one of the most helpful tools when it comes to content promotion. You just need to make an account on it and can share content and schedule it in advance. One of the benefits is also that you don’t have to go to every social media platform to share the same thing, it will directly share it from the buffer dashboard. You just have to enter the latest blog post URL and it will create new content for you. Then by adding it to the queue, it will add this post to your schedule. By adding it to the queue Presently, Buffer supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Use it and lessen your hours of work.

4. Zapier (Automation and integration)

You can almost do everything with it from automating Fb lead ads to importing data directly to CRM. We get limitless options with Zapier. You don’t have to spend hours on the content curation strategy, it will ease your work. This tool is very user-friendly as it can use a pre-automation template for you. Actually, almost any marketing tool you use will work with Zapier. It will also drive traffic to you without you actually doing any work.

5. Later (Instagram publishing)

It’s actually a free tool that will help you planning and scheduling Instagram content with your PC, you don’t have to use a mobile every time you post your content. Instagram is actually a useful place for sharing the visual contents of your brand, that will also help in increasing traffic for your blog. You can even schedule new posts that will help you stay organized.


You can’t just post something on social media and expect thousands of likes. That’s not how things work. You are lacking in using the right tools. You need a content promotion strategy. They will help you promote content faster.

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