Company Culture & storytelling

How can company culture and story telling help you in marketing.

Remember, back in childhood days, how your grandmother used to tell you stories and how you used to connect to them.

The connection you used to build while listening to the stories was made to last.

Her goal behind telling you those stories was not to make you fall asleep.

But, to teach you the morales of life which you implement in your day to day life.

Those stories create nostalgia whenever you recall them. Storytelling is an art that creates an impact on your listeners and makes them connect with you.

Likewise, in marketing whenever you come up with an idea or a story that connects with the audience, that moment a brand is created which is surely going to revert you back for the coming years.

Let me tell you how storytelling helps you above all.



When I started my company back in 2015, I put all my efforts on selling my product by just showing my product to the customers.

When it didn’t work I adopted a marketing strategy which helped me little, but I was unable to understand at which I am losing it.

What will you do when your product and your marketing strategy will fail to provide you results?

I searched on Google “when marketing isn’t enough”.

Google showed me results like

  • Why your blog isn’t enough

  • Why Facebook isn’t enough for marketing

  • Why social marketing isn’t enough


Social networking sites or search engines have their rules to promote your product.

Facebook decides how it portrays your image, it does not give access to organic reach anymore.

All the search engines tell us how to interact with your audience.

Somehow, they will try to limit your ways of marketing.

In order to drive customers, having a product and marketing plan is not an assurance which will customers.

But, by building a brand’s story and a company culture you can surely help yourself to stand out the rest, where everyone is still struggling.


Your audience is more likely to connect with your brand if you present an engaging story against them.

Because people value story more above anything else.

You need to your brand’s story so that everyone could connect with it.

Your story should consist of your struggles, achievements, inspirations, lessons you have learned and everything with which your audience can connect.

If you do not have all this, try to come up with an idea that is shareworthy and with which your audience can connect.

But your customer will only retain if he has good customer experience with your brand.

Having a good company culture is more likely to profit in near future.

 Your customer retention rate is directly proportional to your customer experience.

 If your customer experience is good, then there are more chances of retaining him.

Good customer experience can boost your sales.

But, a bad customer experience is just like that one bad fish in the pond.

It can decrease your sales, it can cost you money, it can slash your customer rate.

 Whenever a customer visits your website/ or a store he will only buy the product when he will he will have his satisfaction at his peak.

 For that, he may ask the sales department for the quality of the product, he can also give his own ideas and suggestion for the product.

 But, this is only possible if you have a good company culture.

If your employees are happy with your company.

If your customers had an ultimate experience dealing with you.

 Imagine that your company has a poor company culture.

Everyone will notice that and no one will initiate to visit you.

 You are yourself responsible to build a company culture for your company.

 If you are working hard, you are giving every bit to build a reputed company, you are talking nicely to all your customers. Then only you can build a strong company culture.

 You have to adopt the ‘leadership’ quality in you to build your brand.

 Besides, a marketing strategy customer retention, customer relation, and building the strong company are the polls on which your company stands.

 Leaving an impact on your customers is the need of the of the hour.

 A customer is more likely to revisit you if he had an impact on your brand.


 A customer will return to you if he is in your list of happy customers.

 Storytelling and company culture are the polls of customer retention.

 A customer will only stick to you if he experiences a good customer relation and a good company culture with your brand.

 But, sometimes despite having all the knowledge we fail to build a good company culture and brand’s story. For this, we can seek the help of professionals like Brand Vedas who have a guiltless customer satisfaction in building a good company culture for your brand.


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